修复 Mac OS X 新版 Terminal 在 SSH 时候出现的 LANGUAGE WARNING

自从升级了新版的 Mac OS X 之后,使用 Terminal SSH 到别的机器上总是能看到这样的警告:

在执行 perl 脚本的时候还能看到这样的警告:

找了很多方法,包括改服务端 sshd config 什么的,都觉得不好。因为这应该不是服务端的问题,不应该在服务端解决。于是仔细搜索之后发现这个回答完美解决了这个问题:


Here is how to solve it on Mac OS Lion (10.7):

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Maintain & Recall Command Line Clipboard History with iTerm 2


Mac users who spend a lot of time at the command line have yet another reason to use iTerm 2 as their default terminal client; clipboard history. Added in the most recent version of iTerm, a running history of OS X clipboard activity can be natively stored, recalled, and summoned directly in iTerm2, accessible through a handy new feature panel called Toolbelt.

You’ll need the latest version (更多…)